Hungarian and Peruvian Localbitcoins Markets Post Record Volume

The Localbitcoins markets of several nations have produced significant spikes in recent weeks, with the peer-to-peer (P2P) markets of Hungary, Peru, and Venezuela establishing new all-time highs for volume when measuring in trade in fiat currency.

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P2P Markets of Latin America Surge

The P2P trading volume of numerous South American markets have shown considerable strength in recent weeks, with many markets producing among the strongest weeks of trading in recent history when measuring volume in fiat currency.

Peru set a new record for weekly volume for the second week in a row when measuring against fiat currency, with 1,944,396 PEN (nearly $600,000 USD) worth of bitcoin exchanging hands this past week – an approximately 14% increase from last week’s record of 1,705,992 PEN.

When measuring volume in BTC, the last two weeks both posted approximately 71 bitcoins – the second largest number of BTC traded in a single week for Peru’s P2P markets since the 80 bitcoins traded during the week of the 19th of December 2017.

The Brazilian Localbitcoins markets produced a spike in volume during the week of the 14th of April, with trade volume reaching 3,158,258 BRL (approximately $905,000 USD), comprising the third largest weekly volume candle in the history of Brazilian P2P trade.

Argentinian and Venezuelan Peer-to-Peer Markets Rally

Argentina’s P2P markets also rallied during the week of the 14th of April, spiking to comprise the fourth most traded week in the history of Argentinian Localbitcoins trade. The week of the 14th posted a trading volume of 4,506,932 (almost $220,000 USD).

When measuring volume in bitcoins, the 29 BTC traded during the 14th comprises the largest number of bitcoin traded in a single week since August 2017; however, it is dwarfed by the more than 150 BTC regularly traded on a weekly basis via Argentina’s P2P markets during 2015.

Venezuela’s Localbitcoins markets have produced a new record for weekly trade volume when measuring trade in Venezuelan Bolivars for the seventh time in eight weeks.

When measuring trade in bitcoins, volume has actually declined for two weeks in a row – despite both weeks producing new all-time volume highs when measuring in Bolivars.

Hungarian Localbitcoins Trade Produces New Volume Record

During the week of the 14th of April, Hungary’s P2P markets produced record trading volume of 7,473,600 HUF (approximately $28,800 USD). Despite comprising a record when measured in fiat currency, only 4 bitcoins changed hands during the week of the 14th of April – a relatively small weekly volume when compared to Hungarian P2P trade in 2015. Still, the 4 BTC was the most bitcoin traded in a single week since July 2017.

Swedish trading on Localbitcoins also surged during the week of the 14th of April, posting 14,189,350 SEK (approximately $1,618,600 USD) worth of trade – the fourth largest volume candle posted in the history of Sweden’s P2P markets. When measuring trade in BTC, the 231 bitcoins that exchanged hands is the highest in a single week since November 2017, however, is dwarfed by the volume consistently produced by the Swedish bitcoin markets between 2015 and 2016.

Canada’s P2P markets have continued to produce substantial trading volume – posting the third largest weekly volume candle of 7,784,463 CAD (almost $6,075,000 USD) this week. When measuring in BTC, this past week’s volume of 893 bitcoins is the third largest in history. The most recent four weeks of trade currently comprises the four largest weeks for Canadian Localbitcoins trading.

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